Monday, 14 April 2014

Mini Easter Mail

Some mini mail I made whilst procrastinating to send to my friends to wish them a happy easter :-)

The cards are just a little bit of thick paper with oil pastel dots and the envelopes are made out of wrapping paper scraps. They probably only took about 10 minutes to make all up. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

confetti mail

A letter I sent to Sara from random places familiar faces :-)

I don't know why I had never thought to make confetti mail before - I almost always add confetti to my letters and I made these cards which are very similar but I have never actually stuck confetti onto my mail?! I have now remedied this and I love how it looks!

The rosette award thingo isn't stuck onto the letter it's just covering the address.

I sent some dymo tape, an old Australian iron on patch (I've started a collection- I'll have to post about them one day), a fortune teller fish, a black apple card and a cute poodle coaster :-)

I bought this rainbow washi tape when I was in melbourne and it is the best $5 I have ever spent on washi tape- I am in love with it!

I have a billion uni assessments/essays in the next couple of weeks so I will probably be a bit absent for a while as I don't have any drafts saved, but I will try and post something :-)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Incoming Mail

I received a lovely parcel from Kathya the other day. Inside was the most amazing vintage christmas wrapping paper! She also sent a vintage card, sweet page markers, a tote bag and cute socks :-D

thank you ever so much kathya!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Oppy Finds

I went on another op shop daytrip in the southern highlands with my mum the other week. 
Here's what I scored:

Some chrissy decorations- it's never the wrong time of year to buy more christmas things in my opinion. I am rather sad though because I will be in America for christmas (I am going on exchange to colorado next semester) so I won't be able to use all my beautiful decorations this year :-(

A mosaic tile dish, another australiana dish for my mum, wrapping paper and some butterfly coasters. Does anyone know anything about these coasters? My mum doesn't even think they are vintage- I'm leaning towards 70s? I bought them anyway because they were only $2 and they are definitely growing on me.

A pineapple candle, an old isle of man perfume bottle, plastic palm trees and a mini shell box to add to my collection.

I love weather houses but these are the only two I have ever found in op shops (the one on the right is my newest acquisition). 

I also bought this great 60s/70s? dress from an antique booth (so it was quite expensive but I loved it too much to pass up). 

I'm linking up with sir thrift a lot and a living space :-)

Friday, 21 March 2014

cacti mail

A letter I sent out recently to Aurelie in reply to her lovely mail :-)

She's a fellow cacti lover!

p.s. if you want to make a cute cactus origami, there are instructions here

Friday, 14 March 2014

outgoing mail

A parcel I posted out for Kathya who sent me the polaroid! It definitely isn't as cool as the parcel I received for winning her competition but I tried to fill it with goodies. I included a frankie gift wrap book, vintage postcards and coasters and a vintage address book :-)

I also sent out some mail to Fee a fellow australian, who writes the awesome blog burnt feather :-)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

melon mail

Yesterday I was inspired by a potato printing post by peas and needles to make a watermelon envelope to send to a friend :-) 

Potato printing is so simple and super fun! I hadn't done it for years but I definitely recommend giving it a try. It's such a good way to make pretty wrapping paper - I did a whole massive sheet of watermelons! 

Monday, 3 March 2014


Below is some lovely mail that has graced my postbox recently :-)

I won a polaroid camera (I know- crazy awesome right?!) from Kathya who has an amazing blog filled with beautiful photography, op shop finds, stationary, pretty mail and baking. I was so so so excited to receive the polaroid (along with polaroid film, washi tape and cute stickers!) in the mail. Thank you ever so much Kathya! I have finally sent you a parcel in return- hopefully it comes soon!

I  also received some lovely postcards from Sara, my sister and my boyfriend, and a beautiful letter from Aurelie which I have yet to reply to. Thank you all!

p.s. you may have noticed that I changed my thimble banner. I made it really quickly on an online photo editor so it's a bit dodgy but I was a tad bored with the other one so I thought I'd give it a try. Any thoughts? Do you prefer the new spotty one or the old cat one?

Friday, 28 February 2014

Oppy Finds

Hello all, I'm back from Melbourne - t'was a great trip, filled with lots of lovely shops and cafes :-) And now I can finally share my oppy finds from the blue mountains and from my trip down the coast! Below is most of what I bought. We found an awesome record sale - 5 records for $20! I bought Michael Jacksons 'Thriller' and 'Off the Wall', Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumors', Cat Stevens 'Tea for the Tillerman' and an Elvis record :-D

I can't leave any cheap Australian kitsch in an op shop and so I had to bring home the resin shell photo holder (and the same goes for the Australiana letter holder in the bottom picture). My mum collects the little dishes with gold edging - I find them ALL the time in op shops so by the time it gets to her birthday I will have a bajillion! I also found a heap of vintage patches and some christmas baubles which I picked up because they were 20c :-) 

The sad little onion face I scored for free because he has a few chips but I love how ugly he is.

I'm linking up with Sir Thrift-A-Lot and A Living Space :-)